The New Assembly Line in Sales and Marketing

A 2013 Harvard Business Review study found that knowledge workers (individual contributors) spend an average of 41% of their time on discretionary or menial tasks that could be handled by other parties.

41% is an understatement for sales, marketing, and growth teams! After observing and interviewing more than 3 dozen sales and marketing people across different company sizes and industries, we’ve found that ~70% of time spent by entry-level salespersons (SDRs/BDRs) was on managing email responses and mail merge software, CRM work, and social media outreach. Additionally, this is by-and-large work that no salesperson (or anyone!) wants to do; it’s mundane! in other words, firms pay $100–150K net per SDR/BDR per year to largely perform administrative work. Only ~30–40% of an SDR/BDR’s time was spent on targeted outreach and qualifying/selling to potential clientele.

Sales/Marketing is Currently an Artisanal Activity

Through our work, ScaleRep has witnessed how teams still largely take an artisanal approach to their sales/marketing outreach. That is, the same individual is responsible for crafting messaging to leads, outreaching to them across multiple mediums, managing responses and outreach campaigns, and trying to set meetings and qualify potential clients. This is akin to a lone craftsman building an entire automobile — it’s hard for teams to focus on a specific task, focus on the most important work, and consistently execute.

ScaleRep and your Assembly Line

ScaleRep helps sales and marketing firms take a more assembly-line approach to sales and marketing, where ScaleRep serves as the top layer in the assembly line as the engagement engine for your team. This approach yields a more scalable processes, better focus for companies’ workforce, significant cost savings, and more importantly, better results in lead quantity and quality!

ScaleRep manages the entire top-of-the-funnel on behalf of your SDR/BDR, marketing, and growth teams. Our service uses software automation, AI, and human input to source data, outreach to folks across multiple touchpoints on your behalf, execute re-engagement campaigns, and send set meetings and high-signal leads to your sales and marketing teams. It’s as-if your sales/marketing team had a CRM and mail-merging sales software tool without ever having to spend time using and managing the software — the work is done on their behalf.

Companies who work with ScaleRep have essentially completely removed themselves from the lead sourcing and engagement process; ScaleRep can engage more effectively with leads at better scale. Now, our clients have shifted their teams’ focus to qualifying, selling, and engaging the highest signal leads and key accounts. This, after all, should be the core contribution of your SDR/BDR and sales team — actually selling and qualifying folks, not sourcing data, managing emails, and updating Salesforce.

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