Analyzing 500k Touchpoints to Boost Your Sales Engagement

Over the last year, ScaleRep has had the pleasure in working with a variety of B2B users — SAAS businesses, services, large enterprises, Y-Combinator companies, and startups in the pre-release stage.

After analyzing a subset of over a half million touchpoints, we’re excited to share some of the interesting macro-trends and conclusions we found — you might pick up some tips that can work magic!


1. Profile your target market!
Sure, it may seem obvious — but have you really done it?

Touchpoints that took the target profile into account saw an average 70% increase in reply rates. This increase in reply rate was not normally distributed across users — companies that did comprehensive target market profiles beforehand saw a minimal increase in conversion, while other users who didn’t do this yet saw a ~1.5x return.

ScaleRep walks users through understanding the profiles of their target market — how do they interact? Are they forward-looking, skeptical, or optimistic? Do they prefer communication that’s quick-and-to-the-point or a good short story? This information is valuable in crafting outreach content that taps into the style your target market would like to engage in.


2. Retarget Your Past Leads!
Retargeting leads yielded an average 15% increase in meetings.

While most companies tend to discount past leads sitting idle in their CRMs, ScaleRep users have integrated ScaleRep with their CRM to automate retargeting. We find most users see success in retargeting leads who never replied to previous outreach, or retargeting leads with lukewarm responses.


3. Cross-Channel Targeting
Campaigns including at least 1 more channel of interaction in addition to email yielded an average 2.5X increase in response rate.

In general, it’s 2x more effective to send 2 emails and leave a voicemail/LinkedIn message than it is to send 4 emails to a lead.


4. Auto-Replies and Referrals
Engaging with leads that left an auto-reply and leads that were referred yield a reply rate of 26%–40%. That’s a 6–10x better reply rate than a standard cold outreach campaign.

The ScaleRep platform captures auto-replies and engages with leads to surface referrals within the same organization. As you start engaging with your target market, you’ll see a ton of auto-replies and referrals. Replies are a data mine of information — they share when someone will be back in the office, whom else to reach out to while they’re out, and oftentimes connect you with the right person. Ironically, sales development teams don’t place an emphasis on auto-replies and referrals.


5. The Hidden Gold in Affinity Campaigns
On average, affinity campaigns yield a 3.5x better response rate than an average cold outreach email.

ScaleRep walks users through determining (1) who is the right person at a company to outreach with, and (2) what networks they can leverage at scale. We help manufacture connections within these networks to yield better interactions. We call these affinity campaigns — how can you connect with people in your target market who are pre-disposed to interact with you?

Everyone is part of networks, and we find that people frequently do not leverage them to engage with prospects. This includes alumni of the same university, alumni of previous companies, companies in the same geographic region as you, people with the same ethnicity, people with the same title, etc.

And there you have it! We would love to hear your feedback, or any tips that you’ve found effective as well!

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