Beat 2% – Increase Your Sales Opportunities


That’s the number of Marketing Qualified Leads that result in a sale.

It’s really no surprise – marketing teams funnel as many leads as possible into the top of the funnel. These are then handed off to sales teams, who are focused on closing new business, but end up spending most of their time chasing these prospects instead of selling.

Enter lead nurturing, one of the best methods for educating potential buyers at scale. From a marketing and sales perspective, it’s difficult to consistently nurture thousands of leads. The process typically takes a lot of time, numerous touchpoints, and requires timeliness and personalization in the communication process. Most organizations either pass on the burden to a large team of sales representatives to nurture leads at limited scalability or end up using marketing to engage at scale with the downside of blasting generic content.

The result? 98% of leads don’t result in a sale. These are missed opportunities with interested leads that just fall through the cracks. In fact, up to 40% of inbound leads never receive any follow-up. The majority end up sitting in CRMs that are untouched, but could amount to a huge increase in sales volume.

What if you could intelligently nurture at scale? Effective lead nurturing can yield a huge increase in sales volume and profit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.18.49 AM.png

Figure 1: Why invest in lead nurturing


ScaleRep is your sales assistant that’s continually nurturing and qualifying leads, resulting in sales opportunities that otherwise would not have occurred. Your assistant engages with these leads in 1:1 conversation until they’re ready to book a meeting or speak to a sales rep.


Figure 2: An example conversation of your sales assistant


Your ScaleRep assistant interfaces with marketing and sales, as well as your CRM, to nurture and qualify leads. She uses email and voicemail touchpoints to engage with the most ready leads, works behind the scenes to manage these conversations, respond within minutes, and makes sure no leads fall through the cracks.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.29.15 AM.png

Figure 3: ScaleRep interfaces with marketing, sales, and your CRM


After implementing ScaleRep, our clients have massively increased their qualified lead intake, and have reduced the amount of time it takes for their sales reps to chase leads. Leads are now followed up promptly and persistently until sales meetings are set, or leads opt out.

ScaleRep’s assistant also identifies new sales opportunities by managing objection handling. ScaleRep’s assistant takes advantage of replies such as “I’m not the right person, but you should speak with my boss” or “Reach out to me in 6 months”, and engages with the right folks at the right time.



We love helping businesses make connections that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. We believe lead nurturing is the hidden gem that ties your marketing and sales team together – a great lead nurturing process can be the key to great customer interactions and increased revenue. 😉

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